This project has finished!

Dec 30 2010

Thank you for visiting my 2010 coffee photo-blog where I took a photo of every coffee I had during 2010 (quasi project 365). For more information on the details of the project see the About page.

What I gained from this experience (531 photos):

  • Trying to be creative daily is frustrating and sometimes futile.
  • I can be very creative even in awkward situations.
  • I can be very uncreative for long periods.
  • I drink a lot of coffee.
  • I know can utilize my compact camera (Canon Powershot A650 IS) to its full potential. (Un-)fortunately, I’ve bought a new camera, but still …
  • I am now more experienced with GIMP and other photo software. I also gained experience with WordPress and the Flickr API.
  • My friends and colleagues believe that I’m crazy(-er) than before. On the other hand they have been supportive with suggestions and by showing periodical interest in my silly project. Thanks guys!
  • I didn’t give up.

If you really want to increase your creativity and/or technical skills start a 365 project of your own.

All photos are also available on at:

As always, all comments, criticisms and even declarations that this was idiotic and a waste of time are welcome.

Finally thanks to the people who put up with this, the visitors (1000+ visits), the commentators and all the bloggers who used these photos and linked back to the original source.

P.S. About 10 photos were lost due to technical difficulties and/or sheer boredom.

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